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to anyone who may want to learn more about what my programs entail


Custom Meal Planning   $200 (CAD)

A comprehensive, uniquely designed plan to aid your progress in achieving your specific diet & lifestyle goals

Meal planning is an extremely effective tool for staying consistent on a healthy lifestyle. This program involves a look into your current way of living, what goals you want to achieve, & your current budget to come up with a streamlined plan that is catered specifically for you. This program is approximately 1 month long, & you will complete this program with the sufficient skills & knowledge to execute this for yourself long term.

6 Month Program $160/MONTH (CAD)

Twelve 60 minute sessions held biweekly via in person, on the phone, or Skype.




Maybe you are completely lost in the realm of nutrition. With all these conflicting theories, studies & diet fads, who can blame you? Six months is the optimal amount of time to build solid, life long habits & get educated on what your body & soul needs to thrive. We can delve into specific dietary theories to find what works best for you in your current life. You will complete this program with learned habits & practices to continue making lasting healthy choices in the future. 

~Transition to Vegan Program~


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